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The Best Sites To Get Football (Soccer) Statistics

What are the best websites to get soccer stats from?

The Best Sites To Get Football (Soccer) Statistics

Statistics play a vital role in sports betting. No matter what you’ve been told, wagering on football is mostly a numbers game. Sure, luck and chance factor in, nothing is entirely predetermined.

But you sure can come close. Don’t believe that you can’t use a calculator to predict the future. 


Why Use Statistics In Football Betting?

In general, statistics is a study of collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data in the form of numbers. When it comes to football (soccer), stats play a huge role in deducing possible outcomes.

Based on information and data on previous matches, the number of wins and losses, current form, and so on.

One can make predictions about possible future outcomes while analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of both the participating teams. 

But since the capabilities of the human brain is limited, and we are not proficient enough to store a couple of years worth of data in our heads, there are plenty of websites where you can find all the stats you need. 


Best Sites For Football Stats

Here’s a list of the best sites for football statistics and analysis:


FootStats is every punter’s go-to stats website. Apart from being a trusted source of statistic information, it’s also incredibly user-friendly. The site also offers extensive football data to help you make match predictions.

FootyStats is well-known for covering over 345 major and minor leagues and cups. They’re super-comprehensive too. Everything is displayed in a  clear way to help anyone, experienced or not, make predictions with high accuracy.FootyStats constantly updates their data enabling you to find information on all kinds of betting markets – 1X2, BTTS, Over/Under, etc.

If its detailed information you’re looking for, then SoccerSTATS is the place for you. You can find data on almost every single domestic football league and international competition, all under one roof. Here, you can gain insights into team performance, league level, league tables, standings, form tables, statistical previews, and goal-scoring analytics.

Exploring what SoccerStats has to offer would give any punter an upper hand over the bookie because they feature information such as halftime football results, scores per 10 minutes, lead time, half & full-time forecasting, home/away advantage and more. With information as extensive as this, there’s no way you can go wrong. 

You can get live scores, soccer stats, and weekly soccer predictions on Their stats are computer-generated, which means that all the information you see is free of human error and bias. They cover domestic, national as well as international club competitions. They also have a great blog full of useful betting related content that is definitely worth visiting. 



Predicting football matches just got a whole lot easier. is an accessible website that provides you with detailed football statistics regarding all major European football tournaments, as well as their players.  Not to mention, the platform is committed to providing football fans with anything and everything they may need to make an informed, calculated bet.

They’re one of the most comprehensive stat websites out there, as they cover pretty much everything – from possession rate to aggressiveness, from dribbles, and interceptions per game to pass accuracy. If you’re a fan of European football, make sure to check this one out.



If you are looking for yesterday’s stats or information from 10 years ago, Statbunker has it all. It has a good UI, full of insightful information on every major European League. You will be guaranteed to find extensive statistics on any match you may need, that will surely help you win and beat the bookies.

What makes this particular website set itself apart from the others? Well, it gives you the ability to go back in time essentially, to access information, and from any given year. You can choose a custom year range, and you will be able to see the league statistics of that particular time. You even have access to minute wise performance data. 


As you can see, there are plenty of websites dedicated to providing punters with the most comprehensive data possible. Do explore some of the websites discussed above to get access to accurate football statistics that will help you win your next bet. 


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