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Why Brazil Is Failing In The International Events

Why Brazil is failing in the International events

There was a time when Brazil was considered as the best team in the world.

There wasn’t a defense who could control the pace of Ronaldo and Rivaldo or who could resist the class of Dinho and attackers used to find it impossible to get pass Cafu and Lucio, but things have changed now.

Brazil is no more a nightmare even for the teams of their continent.

The biggest reason is the politics in the roots of Brazilian football. Brazil’s downfall in International football started the day when Dunga didn’t pick Ronaldinho in his World Cup squad.

Ronaldinho is without any doubt the best player ever to play this game and people are still trying to understand the logic behind dropping a player to have the capability of destroying any team in the world single-handedly.

We all know what happened to Brazil football international events after that and how can we forget how they got destroyed by Germany in their backyard a World Cup later.

We all saw how Brazil struggled in this World Cup even against small teams. Another possible reason behind the downfall can be the lack of chemistry.


Brazil has always been home to many star players, but their football came from their soil, how their league was played.

But things are different now, all of their players are busy playing football for different leagues in Europe, and unfortunately, they have forgotten their style of football. That’s why they fail to create chemistry in International events.

Coutinho, Neymar, Marcelo Firmino, they all are the best players in their clubs, but when they play together, they fail to create a bond between them.

The downfall of their league is another reason why they are failing. No star player is playing in the Brazilian league at the moment.

All of the Brazilian football wonder kids get signed by big European giants at the start of their career, they do well for their clubs, but they fail to perform in International events.

So if Brazil wants to get their crown back, they will need to strengthen their league and respect their legends, that’s the only way they could bring back to glory to the land of Pele’s.

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