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Can Pep Guardiola become the next Alex Ferguson of the EPL?

Can Pep Guardiola become the next Alex Ferguson of the EPL

A football club is nothing without its manager. This statement is proved over and again by two of the most established managers’ football has witnessed; Sir Alex Ferguson in the past and Pep Guardiola now.

A decision almost impossible to make (obviously if you’re not biased) is to choose a better manager between the two legends.



Considering the achievements of both genius managers. It’s stunning how much they’ve contributed to soccer and their clubs. Although Guardiola’s statistics are impressive, Sir Fergie still had a warning for the Catalan.
His contract with Manchester City may have been an upheaval, but if you ask Ferguson, it (English football) won’t be easy for Guardiola. He further added, “Anyone who thinks they’re not going to work hard at City won’t last long.”


‘Pep’ Talk

Gerard Pique is left much in demand with his experience with the Catalan and Fergie. Often interviewers throw questions at the Spanish International for comments on his time with both the legendary managers.
Recently, in a chat with his former teammate Rio Ferdinand he was asked to compare Fergie with Guardiola. In short, Pique concluded that Fergie was a delegator on the field, and Guardiola was a new ground manager in charge of everything else.


Is Guardiola Next Ferguson?

If you ask us (and Gerard), then no, Guardiola and Ferguson are two football coaches with very different approaches. Where Alex Ferguson likes to dominate his players and play the ‘Godfather,’ Guardiola has a more hands-on approach.
Now, as Manchester City chase a historic haul of a treble (which only Alex Ferguson has achieved during his reign at Manchester United), the two giants are on the same page of the EPL. In an interview, Guardiola stated that he couldn’t stop the fans from wanting their team to win, but it won’t be an easy accomplishment for City.
With Guardiola’s great approach, one thing is sure; Man City will leave no stone unturned this season.



In his long haul with the United, Alex Ferguson won 38 trophies, including 13 league titles and two Champions League titles. The Scotsman was known for producing young talents, which went on to become the most influential players to date. The dominance of the Red Devils during his reign is yet to be matched as they became the club with the most league wins and the best English club.
Pep Guardiola is one of football’s most excellent managers does not stand far behind. With Guardiola by their side, the Catalans had stepped up their game and since then been noted as one of the world’s best teams. Guardiola has currently won 20 trophies, including six league titles and two Champions League titles.



Both the managers are great and have achieved significant milestones for their clubs. Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t just revolutionize English football but changed the entire course of it in his years as Manchester United’s Manager. Pep Guardiola, also one of the best manager’s is following close behind in his current career. He has a knack to win titles with every club that signs him.

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