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Why Goalkeepers Are Always Underrated

There is a considerable debate going on for decades that the defenders and the goalkeepers are underrated and this discussion has many aspects.

But today, we will only focus on the soccer goalkeepers who are the unsung heroes of the game.

There are two different schools of thoughts regarding the game. One says that you need to have an excellent attack to win games and the other one believes that you need to be stronger in the defense to win the games.

But it’s a fact that people love to watch attacking games on a regular basis, which makes the attackers in demand.

Although we cannot deny the fact that Manchester United wouldn’t have won the title last season without Edwin van der Sar; and Spain wouldn’t have won the World Cup without Casillas.

Every team that wins the title has a keeper that has to be active all the time, and he is the one who has the make the least number of mistakes. The most prominent example is Barcelona. (more live scores & match results here)

They have some good attacking players on which they depend mostly, but at the same time, they have not been able to reach this position without Victor Valdes. Many people tend to overlook this fact, but this is a fact that no one can ignore.

There is a reason that all the goalkeepers are under-rated. The idea is that they have less amount of margin. Let’s take a look at one of the famous examples.

Many people don’t blame Messi for not scoring a goal in the World Cup final, but almost everyone blames Green’s mistake in the same World Cup. Both had their flaws, but the keepers still have a small margin of escape, and yet they give the due credit.


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