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Most Famous Sports Betting Losses In History

Some of the most famous betting losses in history.

The Most Famous Sports Betting Losses in HistoryThe Most Famous Sports Betting Losses in History

Sports betting contain a wide range of emotion from excitement to place a bet and to win big bucks on a particular game. The world of sports betting works both ways as it is as much about losing besides winning on a specific bet. The biggest letdown comes when your bet fails flat and results in unexpected losses.


Let’s take a look at some of the most famous betting losses in history.

Vegas Dave’s ‘Cupcake’ Loss

The prominent sports named David Oancea nicknamed Vegas Drive was always involved in placing bets on different sports. He had a history of producing huge wins on long-shot bets.

However, he suffered an unexpected loss in 2016, when he placed a whopping one million dollar bet on MMA Champion Miesha Tate in the UFC 200. Miesha suffered a shocking defeat at the hands of Amanda Nunes, who gained the victory through a rear-naked choke.

Oancea later clarified that he was worried about his loss but more concerned about Tate’s injury. You will have to say now that no one is infallible with regards to losing big time in the world of sports betting.

Michael Jordan Plays an Expensive Hole

Basketball Legend Michael Jordan lost $1.2 million to businessman Richard Esquinas after placing a bet on a game of golf. However, he did manage to negotiate and bring the amount down to $300,000 after ten-day golf and betting binge.

Steven Richards His Winnings and Loses

British roofing contractor Steven Richards was also addicted to placing huge bets on the game of rugby. He was able to predict the result of 12 rugby winners successfully and was able to win approximately $52,800 during this period.

Steven decided to place a big bet of $30,000 on Wales to beat Australia. But Australia won the game in Millennium Stadium in Wales by a 30-26. Had Wales won, he might have gained £55,000 in his lifetime earnings.

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